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Potentate Message for December 2017

Ill. Mark A. Simard, Potentate 2017

2017 Potentate Mark A. Simard

Dear Nobles, Ladies, and Friends,

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed quality family time. Lady Linda and I had a quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving with family. As I reflect on the year I Truly have a lot to be Thankful for. If Lady Linda and I listed every name of every person who helped us this year and that we are Thankful for there would be no space for an article. Thank you all.

Last month I forgot to mention the Granite Arms 7th annual Ronny Bean Memorial Arm Wrestling Championship held on October 7th. I was unable to attended due to a previous commitment with the Mystery Dinner Theater. However, Bektash was well represented by 1st Ceremonial Master Mike Tebbetts. Mike graciously agreed to handle the task of delivering a Fezzie blanket and representing Bektash at the event. Apparently, Mike being the athlete he is and having a competitive nature was easily persuaded to enter the competition unbeknownst to us back at the Shrine. As we were setting up for the Mystery Dinner Theater Mike was reporting in every hour with the results of the competition. With every new text Mike was climbing the ladder to the Championship bracket. Suffice it to say Mike showed up at the Temple after the competition with the Championship Trophy in his division. Great job Mike!!! Way to represent!!

For those of you who missed the Halloween Party. You really missed a great time. Lady Linda and would Like to Thank Oriental Guide John Freeman and Lady Amy for all their hard work putting the event together. They along with their group of Ghouls did a nice job turning the Hall into a pumpkin patch the Great Pumpkin would be proud of. Dixie brought her now Bektash famous Crab Rangoon and pork egg rolls. Our very own King of the Grill Bobby Ashford and his team provided a great meal. John Flaherty kept the children entertained with his multitude of masks. Every time you looked John had on a new face. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it a fun event.

The Fez-Tival of Trees has just completed its 17th year. What an amazing event!! Bektash owes a huge debt of Gratitude to Past Potentate Ted Dooley & Lady Barbara for bring this event to fruition 17 years ago. I publicly want to acknowledge and Thank Ted & Barbara for bringing this amazing event to Bektash which has now become our biggest fund-raising event!!! Ted & Barbra put hundreds of hours into this event each year as well as their own personal finances. Every year Ted & Barbra put several trees in the Fez-Tival and are at the event every day from the time the doors open until the time the doors close. They are incredibly dedicated to Bektash and the Fez-Tival. Seventeen years ago, when Ted brought the idea of the Fez-Tival to Bektash it was a risky proposition. It had never been done before and there were a few skeptics as to whether or not Bektash should invest in what at that time was an untested event. The Fez-Tival was started with just 15 trees and this year we had 106 trees. The Fez-Tival has certainly come a long way.

The Fez-Tival is a week-long event that takes a years’ worth of hard work and preparation by a handful of volunteers which swells to about 130 volunteers during the week of the Fez-Tival. John Puckhaber the Chairman prepares monthly meetings with the Volunteers and Spends hundreds of hours organizing as well as attending the Fez-Tival himself on a daily basis from before the doors open until after the doors close.

Amy Freeman organizes the set up and take down which is a pretty big undertaking. Her and her team of volunteers start the minute the last bingo player leaves the building. They have the bingo set up broken down in a matter of just a few short hours. Its pretty amazing to watch how she orchestra’s the whole thing.

Bill & Sharon Hebert organize and set up the silent auction, Ron Perry and 1st Lady Linda prepare the food and organize the kitchen. This year the Chefs graciously donated all the food. Thank you, Chefs!!!

Ray & Betty Desrochers organize the front and back door staff who help the approximately 10,000 people who come through the doors.

Bushie & Judy Hill put in countless hours with the guide, mailings, and a boat load of other support functions for the Fez-Tival.

I apologize if I missed anyone, there are so many people who contribute to the success of this event I hate to miss anyone. Thank you to everyone who makes this event possible! I truly appreciate everyone’s hard work and efforts.

A reminder that the Bektash Christmas Party is at the Temple on December 16th and Starts at 6:00 pm the goal is to have at least 100 people attend. You don’t want to miss out on all the FUN. Please call Dixie to make your reservations. Lady Linda and I look forward to seeing you there.

Mark A. Simard

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