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Potentate Message for February 2018

Ill. Lloyd S. Doughty, II

2018 Potentate Lloyd S. Doughty, II

Nobles, Ladies and Friends of Bektash Temple Shrine,

As I write this message it's been a little over a full week since the Installation and I along with Donna and MacKenzie are still reminiscing over the tremendous outpouring of support and excitement generated during that afternoon and evening. I wish to sincerely again thank the Installing Suite of Ill. Tom Brison, Ill. Bushie Hill, Ill. Jack Murray, Ill. Eddy Witcomb, Ill. Ed Daneault and Ill. Bill Hebert for their efforts. All of your participation meant so much to me.

And I would be remiss if I did not again acknowledge and thank the many Grand Lodge Officers and most importantly the Most Worshipful Grand Master John E. Lobdell for their participation. What an honor to be escorted by these brothers!! I sincerely hope that a trend has begun!!

Finally, to the folks from Alan's of Boscawen and the Scott Spradling Band, thank you for a tremendous meal and entertainment!! We were overwhelmed.

And I guess I'd better mention the Patriot's too!! Great win, coupled with yesterday's exciting finish taking us to yet another Super Bowl!! GO PATRIOTS!!!!

But now everyone, it's time to get to work!! We have many great things to accomplish and with all of your help it will get done. As you all heard in my remarks at the installation, there is much work to be done and I, along with your Divan are ready to do everything possible for this Shrine and most importantly our Hospitals. (For those who could not attend, my remarks are printed later in this issue.) We are focused and know what needs to be done. Membership initiatives coupled with continued fiscal responsibility and reporting must and will continue.

So, let's start the year with another great event which we can invite potential Masons and Shriners to!! The Valentines Ball, chaired by Noble Kenny Thoroughgood and Lady Dixie will occur on Saturday February 10th at the Shrine Center. A great meal coupled with entertainment is anticipated. I hope to see everyone there, WITH a CANDIDATE, for a GREAT TIME!! The particulars follow in this edition of the Bektash News.

Finally, as many of you know, a significant lifestyle change occurred for Lady Donna and I this past year and it did have somewhat of an impact on us coming out of the gate this year. So I have promised to help my Lady in getting the word out and explaining her project.

"Have you Heard" comes from Lady Donna's love for her son, Joseph Cummings, who was deaf. Her project focuses on helping our hospitals help patients with abnormalities of the ears. One of many abnormalities treated at our hospitals, Agenesis, is when the organ fails to develop during utero/pregnancy. Microtia is a type of Agenesis where the external ear is underdeveloped. The process to correct this happens over three reconstructive operations. It's Lady Donna's sincere hope that all the funds raised from the sale of Shrine jackets, stadium blankets and canvas bags, which she will have very shortly for display and order/purchase, will go directly to the Shriner's Hospital for Children in Springfield to assist Dr. Philip Stoddard, the Director of Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic, with these procedures and his ongoing research. She will have more information on this and other treatments offered at our Springfield Hospital by Dr. Stoddard as the year unfolds. Lady Donna thanks everyone for their anticipated support!!

In closing I once again find myself thinking about our Jr. Past Potentate and Lady. Illustrious Mark and Lady Linda, THANK YOU for all of your efforts last year. Bektash is in a far better position because of your hard work and leadership. I know that everyone joins me in wishing you well as you leave for a well-deserved vacation. ENJOY!!

Hoping to see you all at the Valentines Ball!!

Ill. Lloyd S. Doughty, II

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