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Potentate Message for October 2017

Ill. Mark A. Simard, Potentate 2017

2017 Potentate Mark A. Simard

Dear Nobles, Ladies, And Friends,

As Summer draws to a close and Fall begins, I think of all the fun and exciting events we have in store over the next few months and reflect on the past nine months and how the time has flown by.

At our Stated meeting on September 18th the Nobles and their Ladies started off the evening with a nice Lasagna dinner, salad, and garlic bread with Hospitality by our Stewards. Thank You to Lady Linda and Bill Hebert, Amy Freeman and Birthday Girl Dixie Thoroughgood for shopping for the food and putting the meal together and to Brent Norris and Bill Grenan for tending to the Camels milk.

Final numbers for 2016 were passed out by Treasurer George Langwasser for review by the Nobility. No questions were asked, a motion was made for the approval of the 2016 financials and they numbers were approved by the Nobles’ present.

We discussed a five-year plan for updates to the building, the 1st project that was completed this year was the updating of the Hall lighting to LED. Later this year or early next year the restrooms in the front of the hall are slated to be updated. The updates discussed are granite counter tops with new faucets, tile flooring, re-painting the partitions, and up-dating the toilets. After that we will be moving on to the restrooms in the rear of the Hall. Stay tuned for more information on future up dates.

Also discussed at the Stated Meeting were our investment accounts. Currently Bektash is using two Finance Mangers with very different results. The Finance committee is exploring the option of bringing our investments under the direction of a single asset manager. By doing this we will be able to better control cost associated with fees we are paying these managers. And our hope is to obtain a higher yield on those investments.

We voted on 4 new Nobles, they will be sworn in at our Stated Meeting in December. A Ceremonial for these gentleman is slated for March of 2018.

The Portsmouth Shrine Club had their annual Lobster Bake and Chicken Dinner by all accounts it was a success. Due to a scheduling conflict Lady Linda and I were unable to attend. However, we look forward to attending next year’s event.

Lady Linda and I are looking forward to the following upcoming events and hope to see you there. On October 1st, the Cheshire Shrine Club is Hosting a Potentate and Ladies night. October 7th is Mystery Dinner Theater at Bektash, hosted by Lloyd and Donna Doughty. The Halloween Party is on October 28th at Bektash, hosted by John and Amy Freeman.

The Tri-Visitation with Anah, Bektash, and Kora is November 3rd, 4th, and 5th This year it is Bektash’s turn to host this event. It would be great if we had a strong showing! It is a casual week end so leave the tux at home and bring your dancing shoes. Please see the Weekend Schedule and Registration Form, in this issue.

The “Fez”Tival of Trees is rapidly approaching. This event is now the LARGEST and one of the most important fund raiser we have at Bektash. And in my opinion one of the most fun events to be a part of. The “Fez”Tival committee can use all the help they can get to make this event successful. So, if you can Donate items to the silent auction or have some time to donate please contact the “Fez”Tival committee Chairman John Puckhaber.

In closing I would like to Thank everyone who has contributed to Lady Linda’s Anti-Bullying campaign. To date she has raised over four thousand dollars. It is her hope to reach six thousand by the end of the year.

Let’s cut the Bull(ying)l in 2017

Mark A. Simard

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