International Short Shriners Unit at Bektash

Bektash Short Shriners at Bektash December 2005 Holiday Party

Prerequisites for joining: The membership in this organization shall be open to any Noble of the Ancient Order of the Mystic Shrine, making application to the Short Shriners who is no more than 5 foot 6 inches tall, is in good standing, holding a current dues card.

Unit information: Members may march as a club in Parades, Ceremonials and Imperial Sessions or any other function approved by the President and seated Potentate.

Uniform: The membership uniform consists of Black Shoes, Socks, Pants with a white Shirt (tux type) with black studs, Black Tie (ribbon type with diamond type Jewel), Vest, Top Hat and Walking Stick.

Initiation fee: Forty-five dollars ($45.00), payable with the application for membership. This initiation fee pays for Top Hat, Walking Stick, Tie (ribbon type) with diamond type jewel.

Annual Dues: Five dollars ($5.00), payable prior to December 31.

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